In a changing medical world that is full of opportunities, we hope to be an important part. Not only to participate, but also to fulfill mission.


We have the most excellent team of the industry, we adhere to a consistent ideal, we are full of enthusiasm, and we devote ourselves to building a respectable great company recognized by the market, which can help the employees, customers, and partners to realize their values.


The demands of clinical customers motivate and promote us to bring forth new ideas and grow continuously. We spare no effort to pursue excellence. We join hands with medical institutions to promote innovation of medical technology application, making medical treatment more efficient and more powerful. 


——Justin Liu, chairman and CEO

—— ?Vision

To be captain in the medical device industry. 


—— ?Mission

Closer to healthcare needs, to innovate medical technologies, 

to provide high quality services. 


—— ?Value

Sticking to ideal, hard-working, down to earth, endless struggle.