Waist Bag Smartphone Holder

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  • Holding is Tiring: The Handee Holder, Waist Bag Smarthphone Holder is ready to support your smartphone/cellphone anytime anywhere.
  • It is here to give your hand a break during these long smartphone interactions i.e watching a movie or ready news.
  • As it is a wearable smartphone holder, it is readily available whenever you need that extra support i.e at home or on your travels.
  • It is a cool waist bag which conceals the Holder's mechanism, it looks just like a normal waist bag when the holder is retracted inside its compartment and still it has enough space to carry your daily essentials i.e. keys, smartphone, power bank , bank cards , cash etc
  • The Holder can take a range of positions and angles so that to adjust to the user's posture or viewing preference. The Holder rotates out of the main compartment to support your smartphone and the mechanism is simple to operate by hand. The mechanism uses frictional force to stay in place and fully operated by hand.

Product description

The Strap

The main strap is easily attached around the user's waist with the help of Velcro mechanism. The main strap is made of neoprene which is stretchable and durable. The strap is 70mm wide to provide the best support and comfort.


The strap can be easy folded for storage.

Extra support

There are two other mini straps with buckles clips for extra support and security.


The bag is designed to be big enough to contain the retracted stand as well as other essentials, but is small enough to compliment the user's aesthetic look. The bag has two inner compartments for small items and an outer zip compartment. The flaps can be used to carry larger objects.

The Stand

The telescopic tube is 24 cm long when fully retracted. The stand has frictional joints, easily operated by hand. The zip mechanism of main compartment can be used to provide extra support to the stand in more challenging positions. For the best efficiency, the more extended the stand is, the more upright the stand need to be. This reduces the pressure on the frictional joints.

Suitability of use

The Handee Holder is only suitable to support smartphones while standing, sitting and lying down i.e. low movement activities which is when we are more likely to use our smartphones for a longer period.


The Handee Holder comes in Black colour only at present. It has two sizes and is uni-sex, Small and Medium

S=26-34 inch waist

M=33-44 inch waist

The bag size is 240x90x40mm.

The bag strap width is 70mm.

The Holder

The Holder maximum opening grip to hold a smartphone is 95mm. It has an adjustable rotation for 360°degrees . The grip is safe to hold your smartphone. It is made of high quality Polycarbonate and ABS material. It's non-slip surface,keeps your smartphone in the holder steadily.